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Mourning’s Dawn Cover Reveal

Mourning’s Dawn Cover Reveal

I have been dying to show you all the cover for Mourning’s Dawn: Iyarri Chronicles Book 2! You’ll be able to preorder this very, very soon, and the official release date is October 8th… but Patrons can get it sooner!


When I did the Sneak Peek of the Cover Design Brief, I mentioned I had sent pages and pages of art and ideas, of the pose, the feeling, the thematic imagery, and the emotions I wanted the cover to capture.


I couldn’t be more thrilled with the execution. This cover is everything I wanted it to be.


Carlos Quevedo captured the sense of anguish and rebirth that is central to the theme of Mourning’s Dawn and incorporated the iconic weeping angel image.


Let’s take a closer look…

Hated, heckled and reviled, Aurelia has spent six months cloistered inside the Iyarri stronghold of Idura as a living, breathing punishment and a reminder of her father’s sins. Much as she did in the human world, she takes refuge in her art, but when a savage act of cruelty shatters the last piece of her old life, something inside Aurelia breaks, awakening a dangerous new ability in a rush of golden light. Her new powers, left unchecked, threaten to drive her to madness, but she might never get the chance to learn more—there’s someone out there who knows what she is and wants her dead.


Now, in a world full of blades, magic, and threats on all sides, Aurelia must rely on a traitor to master her newfound powers, stay alive, and reveal the secret behind her place in Iyarri society

One of my goals with the covers of The Iyarri Chronicles is that they tell Aurelia’s story visually, so if all you see is the three books that will comprise the main arc of her story, you still get some impression of her journey.

As an independently published author, I was involved in the creative process start to finish and selected Carlos as my artist. That I get to make these decisions, rather than be locked out of them as happens with traditional publishing, is what made me publish independently.