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Artistic &  Evocative Fantasy Fiction

The Iyarri Chronicles


Two thousand years ago, on the Night of Bloody Feathers, humans used blades, bows, and fire to bring a violent end to their delicate partnership with the winged, mythical Iyarri, and in the same stroke, destroyed the balance of truth and justice that unified their enemy. Splintered, the Iyarri withdrew from the world of men, and with time and magic to hide them, faded into human mythos and religious iconography. But they did not forget, and in deep in cliffside strongholds, the Iyarri amended their laws: contact with humans became forbidden, and having a child with one, the Unspeakable Sin, was punishable by death.


Now, one such forbidden child, Aurelia, learns the true circumstances of her birth and must evade a death-sentence handed down a millennia ago.  It’s up to her to harness her unique blood and long-unseen powers to not only carve out a place for herself in Iyarri society, but also to mend what was broken so long ago.

Follow the development of the entire series. Books yet to be released have progress indicators and updates so you can watch their development as Melissa writes, edits, and works through the publishing process. The Iyarri Chronicles is full of rich worldbuilding and you can peruse, and submit your fan art to, our gallery of  Iyarri-inspired artwork.

Empowering & Informational



Although Melissa’s love of long hair and herbal alchemy is rooted in reading fantasy, her research and methods of getting fairy-tale hair with plant matter are very real. Enjoy learning how to dye your hair with plants, restore damaged hair, and how to grow healthy hair. She’ll even teach you how to build a catio with construction methods a bookworm can handle.