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Melissa’s supporters hold a special place in her heart as these are the people who believe in her creativity and drive and want to see what she can create when she is given the support to be her best.

My dream has always been to dedicate myself fully to this adventure, but I thought writing The Iyarri Chronicles and making NightBlooming a full-time endeavor was impossible. Lately I've come to realize that it might be more possible than I think. To make it happen, though, I'm going to need help of Patrons. -- Melissa

Historically, art patronage was the gift of support and thus, survival. Royalty and the aristocracy retained artists who created in return for food, lodging, and much-needed supplies.  Today, however, support for art doesn’t have to come from some elite group, but from everyday people giving a little bit here and there.

By becoming Melissa’s Patron, you support her art with a few dollars a month, so she can produce the things you love in return.


There are many ways you can show your support of Melissa’s creative endeavors, many of which mean so much to her, but only take a little bit of your time.


  • Sharing your excitement of her writing with others on social media
  • Creating and sharing fan art
  • Signing up for her newsletter
  • Leaving reviews of her books on Amazon, Goodreads, and other places
  • Gifting her works to others
  • Checking out her herbal alchemy at NightBlooming

By becoming a Patron for Melissa, you become a trusted supporter of her art. Melissa’s Patrons receive exclusive updates, insights, special offers, and her deepest gratitude.

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