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Mourning’s Dawn

Iyarri Chronicles Book 2


The differences between me and the Iyarri were so slight . . . but these similarities brought no kinship; instead, the Iyarri treated them as things I’d stolen, things that weren’t rightfully mine.

Hated, heckled and reviled, Aurelia has spent six months cloistered inside the Iyarri stronghold of Idura as a living, breathing punishment and a reminder of her father’s sins. Much as she did in the human world, she takes refuge in her art, but when a savage act of cruelty shatters the last piece of her old life, something inside Aurelia breaks, awakening a dangerous new ability in a rush of golden light. Her new powers, left unchecked, threaten to drive her to madness, but she might never get the chance to learn more—there’s someone out there who knows what she is and wants her dead.


Now, in a world full of blades, magic, and threats on all sides, Aurelia must rely on a traitor to master her newfound powers, stay alive, and reveal the secret behind her place in Iyarri society

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A worthy successor! As I stated in my review of Heaven's Silhouette, I love that underneath the wings Aurelia is about realism. So many ``strong female characters`` are so flat that they may as well just be named ``strong female character`` as if they were in a medieval morality play; they are aspirational creatures, not people who reflect our own mean mortal struggles. The reality is that learned helplessness and the scars that come from being othered take years to recognize, unravel, and make peace with. In the character of Aurelia, we watch this non-linear, complex journey unfold through a compassionate lens and, in the process, perhaps see our own messiness validated. In addition to the darkly lyric prose, watching Aurelia challenge herself and grow in spite of adversity is the great pleasure of Mourning's Dawn.

Mourning’s Dawn is a fantastic follow-up to Heaven’s Silhouette. I loved watching Lia grow into herself more in this book as she navigates the complexities of Iyarri society and her own personal struggles. Where the world of the Iyarri was new and unfamiliar to both the audience and Lia in Heaven’s Silhouette, now we get to delve deeper into their culture and history as the wrongs of the past reverberate through to the present. The thread of tension runs through every page, pulling the reader along towards a formidable conclusion that has left me eager to see what’s in store for book 3.

Soooo sooo elated to receive my copy recently. As always it's like opening a treasure...Melissa always packages everything with such love & care. And the story new favorite addiction! Melissa has such a way of sweeping you into the world of the Iyarri & you're immediately there riding on their feathered wings as you pour through page after riveting page. Such a fan!!! Thank you for bringing your world to us's a privilege to know it. ❤

The Iyarri will sink their talons into you again. Mourning’s Dawn is a captivating sequel in the Iyarri Chronicles series. We rejoin Aurelia as she further delves into who, and what, she really is. Her journey is written seamlessly and flows smoothly. Each character and scene crafted with such beautiful detail and care, the pages fly by. I cannot wait until the third installment of this wonderful series. Highly recommend to anyone looking to add some fantasy into their life. Melissa has also created essential oil blends that correspond to the characters in her books. It’s an amazing little add on that really helps you dive deep into the world of the Iyarri.