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Iyarri Braids by TatsuOni 

Iyarri Braids by TatsuOni


I’ve made braids inspired by Heaven’s Silhouette. I was inspired by a few parts. One where the hair spiral was described and where it was put in a rope braid in Aurelia’s hair.  I was also inspired by the description of how Iyarri’s hair is either braided, twisted or in an updo. And I added a small feather as Tiahmani wears her brothers feathers in her hair.

And while it’s about the hair, I had to add the belt bags…

– TatsuOni
This amazing hair style was entered in the Iyarri Chronicles Art Contest and was including in Mourning’s Dawn:
As she and her Galearii landed in front of me, I took a few steps back. Lean and muscled with bronze wings and hair, the Vohim may as well have been Nike herself returned to earth. Her hair was twisted back from her face, gathered at the nape of her neck, and fell in a cascade of rope braids to the small of her back. She kept her distance as she gave me a half-bow in greeting. “Diari Vohim.”
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