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Catherine’s Iyarri Pendant

Catherine’s Iyarri Pendant


A gift from Cæl to Catherine before Heaven’s Silhouette. Aurelia never saw her mother without the necklace, only learning of its origin and significance much later.

My mother paused and then undid the clasp. The pendant dropped into her open hand, the chain cascading after it. “Yes.” It rested there, familiar, and somehow foreign now that I knew its history. In the center was a smooth, gently pointed oval of green labradorite, its flashing surface streaked with black veins, like an ebony lighting strike down its center. The luminous stone was wrapped in silver wire, lashed and braided, that came to vine-like points at the top and bottom. A quartet of curling vines and silver leaves, three on one side, one on the other, held the labradorite in place. I turned my head, scrutinizing it anew–I had always pictured them as leaves, but perhaps they were really meant to be feathers.

Crafted by Lunarieen at Melissa’s request and direction.


Fully hand made work (wire wrapping technique with oxydizing silver).


Main base gems: African Labradorite 42.0Ct (8,6g).


Additional stones: Prehnite 1,0 Ct (0,2g)


Chain length: 42 cm + 8 cm, Rolo (Plain Oval Balcher) with a decorative clasp, adjustable.


Material: Sterling Silver, Fine Silver / 925, 999.


Necklace: height: 7,6 cm, width: 3,3 cm, weight: 27,6g. Color: Silver, Green

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