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Ascension’s Reckoning

Iyarri Chronicles Book 3


My ascension through blood and tears to become Saanire Aurelia Rior didn’t matter—I felt like an imposter walking into the atrium for the gathering of Rior, like a child playing dress-up with powers I hadn’t grown into yet.


As autumn fades to bitter winter, Aurelia is running out of time to follow Lucien, Aamon, and the others to the distant northern mountains where the long-lost Rior sanctuary lies hidden. An ethereal beast and dangerous storms bar the way… but so does the shard of memories lodged in Aurelia’s heart. In experiencing her mother’s murder, Aurelia now sees herself rotting before her own eyes leaving her
unable to sleep, unable to focus her riore.



When she finally reaches the secluded valley, the truth of why the Rior have stayed hidden for a millennia is worse than anything she could have imagined. Aurelia must use her forbidden blood and the powers that come with it to save those she loves, right ancient wrongs, and close the wound that has plagued Iyarri society since the Night of Bloody Feathers.

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The sublime fragrance of scented oils and environments so well described, you can smell the frozen pine. Hear the creak of leather and the deadly flash of steel. Feel the memory of naked skin against a labradorite altar. Pain and loss, love and humor. As always, Melissa's writing is elegant and sensual, with the third book in the trilogy just as good as the first. I couldn’t be happier to have experienced the depth of this incredible world she created and the emotional struggles and triumphs experienced by the myriad of individual characters therein. I can’t recommend them enough. Until the skies fall!

Oh Melissa! This book was everything I was hoping it would be. I wasn't sure how you would wind everything together for a satisfactory ending, but it was perfect! This series will go on to be one I reread and talk about for years.

I love this series! I was beyond excited to read the last book!! The vivid descriptions make it so easy to picture the world in the books, from the landscapes to the smells to the way everything feels. It's as if I'm right there with the main character! Awesome read!!