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Denôé in Disguise by Igor

Denôé in Disguise by Igor


A female Iyarri stepped forward, wings all shades of gold-red and ochre, like a phoenix not yet burst aflame. She was older, her hair done in a complex looped bun, the strands a mix of silver, copper, and gold. Tiahmani whispered in my ear. “That’s Denôé, head of the Idura’s Iadnah.”

If Denôé were human, I would have guessed her to be in her sixties—though she walked to the center of the library with the straight-backed grace of royalty. Her voice was clear.

She’s only in there for like 5 pages, but she’s an important figure with power in the story, and I liked the description of her hairstyle and what little we learn about her personality. She seems like a strong and determined character, and I relate to that. So I could imagine her sneaking around, disguised as human in a library, seeking knowledge and insights. And the only giveaway about her would be her amazing head of hair and the pretty updo.

– Igor
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