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Novel Blends

One of the key reasons I decided to publish The Iyarri Chronicles independently was so that I maintained ownership to each and every one of my creative rights, and with those rights, could extend my writing into my other artistic pursuits–one of those being creating essential oil blends inspired by my world and characters.


The Iyarri use herbal-infused oils to clean their wings, giving each one their own distinctive scent.

Cæl filled it three-quarters full with a thick, clear oil, and added a bit of a second oil the color of oxidized honey. When he was done he capped it and gave it a shake. “Add any of those plant essences for scent.” I uncapped each of the vials and breathed in—each vaporous and potent, but natural and clean-smelling. I tinkered, adding a few drops of one essence and a few drops of another until the aroma of green moors, nighttime dew and vanilla wafted out of the bottle. He picked up a cobalt bottle and uncapped the lid, a familiar woodsy smell escaping. I realized this cleansing oil made Cæl's wings smell as they did, giving them a signature scent of ancient woodlands, just as Tiahmani’s smelled of dragon’s blood and ginger, or Aamon’s of white sandalwood and amber. --Heaven's Silhouette: Iyarri Chronicles Book 1

Author Created & Blended

These essential oil blends can be used in  diffusers to fill the room with a variety of alluring scents, or come pre-diluted in oils suitable for skin, hair and beards, or as misters to spray on just about anything!


I create and hand-blend each oil myself, using only the highest quality carrier oils and essential oils–no synthetic fragrance oils–each ingredient is something you could actually find in an Iyarri stronghold.

Books Come with Free Samples

Nothing helps me more as an independent author than choosing to purchase books from me directly (Amazon takes 56% of every hardcover sale), and when I send them to you, I also get to tuck in some extra goodies. Hardcovers purchased at NightBlooming & Etsy come with your choice of one Iyarri Chronicles oil, and on Patreon, you get five.

For those that choose to support my art in all its forms on Patreon, one of the Patron gifts I offer in return is a flat 15% discount to everything at NightBlooming, my herbal alchemy store. So long as you’re pledging at the $7 / month tier, every month you’ll get a special Patrons-only discount code for a percentage off everything at NightBlooming, including books, character-inspired blends, natural hair dyes, and more.