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DIY Garden Pergola Cat Enclosure

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With half a dozen mutinous cats, we had often entertained the idea of building a cat enclosure. We wanted our cats to be able to enjoy nature, roll in the dirt, and bask in the sun without risking their safety. What wasn’t appealing were the images that came up when searching for cat enclosures or catios. For every nice-looking enclosure that cost thousands of dollars, there were three-dozen ones that were cost-effective, but visually amounted to a box of unfinished lumber and chicken wire. The DIY Garden Pergola Cat Enclosure is a short ebook that details how we created a catio that blended into our garden and fit with the aesthetics we had already established.


This project was conceptualized and executed by a graphic designer and a writer with basic homeowner / DIY levels of skill. You will need to know how to use a few power tools safely (namely a circular saw and drill) and basic hand tools.


15 pages of easy-to-follow text and large, clear photography makes building your DIY Garden Pergola Cat Enclosure a fun, creative project that will benefit both you and your cat.


What this guide is:
Just as each cat is different, each enclosure is unique. Often, there are special needs that your cat’s enclosure will need to meet, or build parameters dictated by the location of the enclosure or availability of materials. This guide uses the construction of our Garden Pergola Cat Enclosure as an example and details the materials used and construction process with replicable steps and photographs.


What this guide is not:
Pergolas come in many shapes and sizes, so this guide does not give you detailed measurements, or provide the exact number of screws you will need. For example, rather than tell you to cut a board to 8 feet 6 inches, instead, it will direct you to cut a board to the length between two legs of the pergola. This makes the design flexible and customizable by teaching you the method and the thought process rather than using one rigid set of specifications


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This is a well-written guide, and it gave me a lot of inspiration to make my own unique plan for a pergola-themed ``catio`` that will fit the style of my home. This little nudge in the right direction, along with the tips & tricks, was exactly what I needed and was looking for.

Directions are very clear... just waiting for spring to finally arrive!

Thanks for the great ideas! Downloaded right on time ; )